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Cosmetic Dentistry – If you’re looking for the best cosmetic dentist Virginia Beach has to offer, you found them! Your smile is the first impression that others have of you. It makes sense that you would want it to be bright, white and healthy. At East Coast Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, we consider the aesthetics of your entire face, not just your teeth.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, more than 99 percent of all American adults believe that a smile is an important asset for social situations. Perhaps that is why so many patients are electing cosmetic dental procedures to improve their smiles and boost self-confidence.

A smile makeover is much more than just teeth whitening. Dr. Chickey can transform your smile’s shape, color, alignment, as well as fill in gaps and discreetly restore decayed or damaged teeth with tooth-colored fillings. In fact, modern advancements in Cosmetic Dentistry have made it possible for patients to achieve nearly perfect teeth with cosmetic enhancements and restorations that are virtually undetectable to friends, family, and peers.

It is important to recognize that smile makeovers are not meant to alter your overall appearance, but rather to provide a positive change that compliments the health and natural appearance of your teeth. However, Dr. Chickey has found a Smile Makeover when done in conjunction with Facial Plastic Surgical Procedures can create an amazing transformation.

What should I expect from my cosmetic dental visit?

Due to great strides in dentistry, cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry can overlap in a single visit. You can expect Dr. Chickey to discuss the aesthetics or your face and mouth as well as health implications, at your appointment.

There are many types of cosmetic treatments available, from in-office teeth whitening to total smile make-overs. The types of treatments available to you will depend on your overall goals but may include professional whitening, tooth-colored fillings, bonding, crowns, veneers, or dental implants.

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